Concrete Box does not directly collect any personal information about you through our website, social media accounts, nor our products.

When you sign up to our email newsletter via our third party email service provider (e.g. SendInBlue), that service provider will retain your email address on our behalf.

When you purchase a product from Concrete Box via a third party online storefront (e.g. Oculus Store), that storefront may retain any personal information that you provide during the checkout process (e.g. full name and address).

Information that is collected from you by a third party service provider, will be stored by that provider, in accordance with that provider's policies.

Concrete Box may access this information at a later date for accounting purposes or other business actions related to your purchase or subscription (e.g. order queries, newsletter prize allocation, etc).

Your information will not be stored by Concrete Box directly, except where absolutely necessary for accounting or legal purposes. In these cases, the information will be stored in a secure digital manner, and will be permanently erased as soon as it is no longer needed.

Your information will not be shared by Concrete Box to any additional third parties, except where unavoidable for accounting purposes, or mandated by law (e.g. financial audit, criminal investigation, etc).

This policy may be revised in the future, and this page will be updated accordingly. This page was last updated at 4:15pm BST, on Friday 2nd July 2021.

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